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Offre d'emploi de Déploiement et support des utilisateurs Office 365

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Déploiement et support des utilisateurs Office 365

Mission:Déploiement et support des utilisateurs Office 365Profile:JuniorDurée:6 mois / début de la mission 1 octobre

Contract: fixed term contract

Country of the law under which the contract is placed : Switzerland

Working time: Full-time

Position Location : 1000 Lausanne ch

6 mois
Beginning: 2014-10-01
End: 2015-03-31
Duration 6 mois
Salary:Minimum rate: 6500.00 CHF
Salary:maximum 7000.00 CHF

Geographical mobility from the workplace : 1 >> 10Km

Characteristics of ideal applicant : Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : High school completed
Licence(s) : Permis de travail Suisse minimum

French : Working language

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